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Experience our OJT Program for 250hrs or 450 hrs including the ff:

a) Airbus A320 Powerplant (CFM56)
b) Hydraulic Systems
c) Electrical Systems
d) Pneumatic Systems
e) Fuel Systems
f) Avionics Systems (Navigation & Communication)
g) Firefox Protection System
h) Air-conditioning Systems
i) FTM (short course)
j) Ramp Safety
k) Ramp Experience- Customer Airlines

This is best for graduating students as a school requirement.

AveoWorks Solutions Inc.

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  • Fleet Technical Management

    This typically includes tasks such as overseeing maintenance schedules, managing repairs and upgrades, monitoring fuel and other resources, tracking inventory and spare parts, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards.

  • Inventory Technical Management

    Involves the management and control of technical inventory, such as equipment, tools, spare parts, and other materials used in production, manufacturing, or maintenance processes. This includes tasks such as tracking inventory levels, identifying obsolete or surplus items, ensuring timely replenishment of critical supplies, and optimizing inventory levels to balance cost and availability.

  • Quality and Safety Management

    Involves the development and implementation of systems and processes to ensure that products, services, and operations meet high standards of quality and safety. This includes tasks such as defining quality and safety standards, monitoring compliance with those standards, identifying and mitigating risks, and continuously improving processes to prevent errors and accidents.