Masterclass Course

Best CAMO Training and Aviation Engineering Courses in Metro Manila – AveoWorks

Take your aviation and aircraft engineering career to the next level with our Fleet Technical Management (FTM) Masterclass!

Our FTM Masterclass is an advanced training program designed to equip aviation professionals with the knowledge and useful skills to manage and maintain aircraft fleets effectively and stay on top of Continuing Airworthiness Management or CAMO.

This two-month comprehensive syllabus covers Fleet Technical Management and Inventory Technical Management with rich and crucial topics, including:

Fleet Technical Management

  • Technical Services Engineering
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Material Planning
  • Production Planning and Control

Inventory Technical Management

  • Material Planning
  • Import/Export/Logistics
  • Technical Purchasing
  • Technical Warehousing

Our FTM Masterclass is hands-on and creates many opportunities for you to interact with industry experts and fellow aviation professionals, exchange ideas and best practices, and experience the latest tools and technologies in the aviation industry.

At AveoWorks Solutions Inc., we’re committed to your success and provide you with the training, knowledge, skills, and confidence to make a lasting impact in your career and the aviation industry. We are open to learners from Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and the rest of the Philippines. Let’s take your knowledge and experience to the next level with our FTM Masterclass!